Brian Keffer has spent twenty years in the game industry as a 3D Environment Artist.  Within that time he has created and helped design environments for sixteen released titles on multiple platforms.  Keeping up with new rendering standards Brian has used substance painter to create PBR textures.  Brian has also been developing a toolset for Maya called Ninja Dojo. These tools/techniques allow him to create high quality models on time.  In addition to his industry experience, Brian's architectural background has given him the ability to conceptualize all elements of world creation, from landscapes and architecture to lighting and mood.     
Having knowledge of the technical limitations of game platforms and the ability to overcome them, Brian has effectively used various tools and techniques, which have enabled him to focus on quality and timeliness.  Through his development of MEL scripts and 3DS Max scripts, he
has been able to automate redundant modeling tasks.  This time savings has allowed him and his coworkers to concentrate on polishing details, such as lighting, animations, and special effects; details that are essential to the development of the character and visual impact of the world.    

     With the skills Brian offer, his desire to learn new tools and techniques, Brian Keffer looks forward to joining your company and working with your team to help meet the challenges of your upcoming project.